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Writer's Block: Drum roll, please!
After all the commercial hype and build up, do you ever feel a sense of let-down right after the holidays? Why or why not?

The let down i feel is not exactly from the commercial hype, that only amplify the slump i find myself in at this time of year.  It's more from the arrogance to have such a guilt trip of a holiday as christmas, a celebration of a birth to someone with a death sentence to pay for others sins... That's just one messed up ideal for a celebration, an its even more complicated than this, in a nut shell.

When this time of season was celebrated long before the authoring up of such a pathetic guilt tripped story!  Then for those that adhere to this idea of christmas to fight or be disgruntled over the fact they pasted this day as their own, atop of other celebrations for this time.  To think they're being knocked down, when they are not knowingly perhaps are the ones knocking down others reason for this time of year.


Writer's Block: Coolest Feature on a Tablet
What do you think is the coolest feature of handheld tablets?

Was hearing they're not the best for using as a stylus, which was the number one thing i was hopen they'd be great at...

Portability for viewing media, with a larger than eye squinting level like the hand held ones, perhaps.

be even neater for 3d to be part of it

Writer's Block: Must Have Gadget
What technology gadgets are on your wish list?

Would much rather have friends and a job...

The U.N. patching up...
...what was taken out, by the islam nations the other month.  Still, there is plenty needed to be done, but least the slide back has been divereted.

The United States succeeded on Tuesday in getting the United Nations to restore a reference to killings due to sexual orientation that had been deleted from a resolution condemning unjustified executions

Writer's Block: Welcome back, old friends
What is the best returning TV show of 2010? How long before it jumps the shark?


Seen as the makers jumped the shark more than once on their previous productions, makes saying when this will do the same, or if they've already done that.

Writer's Block: Immerse yourself in an online sport.
If you could immerse yourself in an online sport and get a real workout, what activity would you want it to be?

Cross Country Running
Prolly just from missing being able to see the world like I use to...

*cough* BTW, are you hiring? *cough*

Writer's Block: So close to reality.
Imagine an online game which is so close to reality, that you can feel and touch your opponent. What sport, activity or game would you want to play?

If only I could brush aside this pessimistically view, of seeing this becoming just another vehicle for those getting jollies off greifing.

Well looks like that your mentioning 'opponent in the opening line, followed up with sports first as the first option...Here's a few pitches of soft balls your way:

Dodge ball, paint balling, fencing, to name 3 off the top of my head.

Though I may be just wondering if this is all really worth while, at all.  A system with a body suit rigged for force feedback.  Even if it was to be  entertaining the adult market, still a question if it'd be nothing more than strapping 300 vibrating box's thats already in most devices.

Yea, perhaps I'm just a cold hearted bitter wolf, to even see this more than the next rich mans toy, for those with out to be jealous of, eh.

Writer's Block: Stardust memories
What is the your most cherished holiday memory from childhood, and why?

Though I had no real comprehension of how hard things were for my parents, back when i was five, for life was constantly full of new sights, sounds, and wonders. 

Curious idea's and examples of nature, science, was a common daily cycle from PBS, to the NatGeo books about the universe to animals.  Piecing together how Richard Scary's Busy Town's places where they showed how things were working in rudimentary simplistic colored drawings, to flipping thru the large tomb of Our Universe's & Medical Journal images of life from the cosmic scale up in the sky, along with this micro-cosmos I couldn't see of the inner workings of myself and all living critters around me.  With how electricity was bringing images thru these pathways of shiny metallic lines, that transferred signals into images onto the tele, or taking speech into the air by using the CB's.  Was enthralled with even the already discovered, to just see where else what I known could be used. 

Parents did a A1 job I must say, at keeping how financially distressed they were being hammered that year, from even casting a hint of gloom over my insatiable desire to experience what else life has out there for me to be mystified in trying to come to understand.

When winter was approaching, they mentioned how things been tuff for them.  Though I was understanding they're concern, the details were still obscured by mental fog.  Over on the workings of the economy, and how jobs would be hard to find.  Which made our existence possible.

They made sure I wasn't going to ponder over all that, for much longer that night.  For while I tried understanding, the magical sounds of pop corn, was soon followed with the tastey smells from the kitchen had me easily amused.  As I was filling my mind in thinking of all the things going on with the kernels, as they popped.  The folx were busy collecting the materials we'd be needing this special night.
The aluminum foil, paper cups, threads with needles was brought.  As they explained, and were going to be showing me how we can make it thru the tuff times, with a lil arts an craft.  Creating decorations for the tree, pop was going to bring on home from our uncles cabin

Well the tree arrived the next day as I slept in, for it was one long night I spent enjoying the warmth of emotions with my family in the living room.  Was one surprised kid, seeing the ol'pick up bed full of snow! Sure I seen pictures an shows with this crunchy, chilly stuff, and of course I idea's how nature did what the refrigerator took its sweet time in making...it was just something so new and odd how water was found in that state in such quantities. In all  it was still a another experience chalked up on a 1st hand account for a never ending insatiable curiosity of mine. (though it'd be 20 years for me to witness snowfall for the first time.)

Was a great time, for having so many new responsibilities, as my mom sewed up a set of camouflage, and dad handed me down a daisy BB rifle of theirs.  Giving me the course in fire-arms safety and introducing me to a new sport of target practice.  Though it was more of their handing down one more step in a continuation on the lessons given by them. In learning we need to be respectful, and responsible in life, for our selves and all living things. Sigh, that there's alot of things in our lives, that have been fashioned and made to better our existence. Which is able to do great harm to others and all critters, from our pets to the rest of the living creatures. When used wrong, and/or with no self control for our actions, with un-reprehensible consequences, that can never be undone...

Which leaves me to being able to say, all of those moments spending time with my folx, and how they made sure I knew i was loved.

By doing their all in helping myself continue in being held accountable for the actions i choose in my life, and doing their best in making sure I would be finding new discoveries. Just like these few first memories, from all the rest that took place, that filled my life; Way back on that december month long ago.

Writer's Block: 'Tis the season
Do you find the holiday season relaxing or stressful, and why?
Sure has been a exponential increase in the separation of this being a relaxing time to the year's end. 

No winter's a friendly time of the season, when alone and left feeling the desitute of isolation, in the crisp nights air.  Only compounded if hearing the sheets of rain, or the deafening silence of flakes of snow, floating down to a steady build up of frozen swells of powdery water.  Only amplifying the sensory eeriness of being adrift in a sea of pristine untouched surroundings, that time has moved away from showing any change, as it brings on a icy halt to all things around, from its absence.

Only the crunching of your own steps to keep your ears knowing they're hearing only your wondering's amongst the nights stillness.

Day break comes, slow an low over the horizon, awakening the turn-moil of others expectations, and hurried to the years events of celebration.  Reminding myself of a lack of means for bringing a cheer to a loved ones face, or reasons for all that it matters.  For finding oneself utterly alone yet again.  With a steady streams of reflections of seasons past, melting a stifling cry.  That barges thru, leaving me wondering if It'll be to hard to remember what a smile is like on these days, with loved ones and friends.

Outside of my own thoughts, I pick up hearing bickering of who's the reason for this yearly event.  Why others should be caring how others celebrate, or if they know why their taught the time is set aside each year on these days.  For sure seems only a few in these lands, know or care to keep the lore of the stories alive, as others faiths in keeping the hijacking alive. Leaving them the lord in stating why its so, as the days pass on by to the main event.

Some folx are not shy to complain of a war to snuff away their faith in there special days on these last moons waxing an waning.  Might as well right it on the snow, for they have little need to change their ways, to set right whats been taken away from others at the start to this time long ago, Even stealing away a chance for the new ones to see the richness of passing ages that kept it sacred, all those hundreds of centuries ago.

At the time when we were less than a multitude, where it was more true that eyes were always upon us.  When being alone, was a guarantied ending to ones story.

Those days of taking shelter spanning longer than a mere week.  With our kindred and critters close by, huddling for warmth, by a crackling fire.  Popping stories of the past an whats to come around again, as another yearly waiting for the tilt to spin us once again, into another season of warmth, an blossoming of the nature around us each an every moment of our living days, on this blue sparkling diamond amongst the countless other stories taken place up along the shimmering sea of pin lights up in the boundless depths of the eternal sky.

Writer's Block: Snow chic.
What’s your favorite way to stay looking chic in winter?

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