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Writer's Block: Drum roll, please!
After all the commercial hype and build up, do you ever feel a sense of let-down right after the holidays? Why or why not?

The let down i feel is not exactly from the commercial hype, that only amplify the slump i find myself in at this time of year.  It's more from the arrogance to have such a guilt trip of a holiday as christmas, a celebration of a birth to someone with a death sentence to pay for others sins... That's just one messed up ideal for a celebration, an its even more complicated than this, in a nut shell.

When this time of season was celebrated long before the authoring up of such a pathetic guilt tripped story!  Then for those that adhere to this idea of christmas to fight or be disgruntled over the fact they pasted this day as their own, atop of other celebrations for this time.  To think they're being knocked down, when they are not knowingly perhaps are the ones knocking down others reason for this time of year.



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