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Writer's Block: So close to reality.
Imagine an online game which is so close to reality, that you can feel and touch your opponent. What sport, activity or game would you want to play?

If only I could brush aside this pessimistically view, of seeing this becoming just another vehicle for those getting jollies off greifing.

Well looks like that your mentioning 'opponent in the opening line, followed up with sports first as the first option...Here's a few pitches of soft balls your way:

Dodge ball, paint balling, fencing, to name 3 off the top of my head.

Though I may be just wondering if this is all really worth while, at all.  A system with a body suit rigged for force feedback.  Even if it was to be  entertaining the adult market, still a question if it'd be nothing more than strapping 300 vibrating box's thats already in most devices.

Yea, perhaps I'm just a cold hearted bitter wolf, to even see this more than the next rich mans toy, for those with out to be jealous of, eh.


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